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Respiratory Treatment at Home

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Classic 603

This transportable oxygen concentrator is the median of the types of oxygen concentrator wherein it is 3 liters. Again, it employs the dual-function technology. However, instead of the nebulizer function, it has the anion function which helps eliminate harmful air particles.

Classic 803

The transportable oxygen concentrator is a very handy and reliable oxygen concentrator also with the state-of-the-art dual-function technology employed by its more heavy-duty counterpart.

Compact Touchscreen

This compressor nebulizer is not only handy and efficient, it can also be used for professional or household use. If there is one word to describe it, it is definitely versatile.

Heavy Duty Touchscreen

Features a nebulizer in addition to the oxygen concentrator. The reset button is located outside to make it more user-friendly, or even user serviceable.

Heavy Duty 5L

The heavy duty oxygen concentrator is the oxygen concentrator with dual-function technology that allows it to operate under a nebulizer function or an oxygen concentrator. 

Visit our youtube channel “Champion Biotech Sales” to see the video tutorial on this product.

Heavy Duty 10L

This medical grade oxygen concentrator is particularly designed for clinics and the hospital setting with its dual, high-power oxygen outlets that can accommodate two patients to use while in a hospital bed.

High Flow Nasal Cannula

We have two types of HFNC—one connects to the oxygen concentrator while the other connects to the central oxygen line. No external air compressor needed. Built in oxygen flow controller can directly connect to the central oxygen line and supply up to 70L/min. It can connect with low pressure oxygen sources like an oxygen concentrator.

Portable Mesh Nebulizer

Highly portable, efficient, and functional -this product employs a ceramic vibrating plate to convert liquid medication into mist or aerosol, which will be delivered to the patient's respiratory tract and efficiently treat respiratory diseases.

Compressor Nebulizer

This compressor nebulizer is not only handy and efficient, it can also be used for professional or household use. Contrary to the conventional nebulizers, the Owgels Compressor Nebulizer has a sleek, upright design that is functional yet elegant.

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